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1)மனதை புண்படுத்துபவரை எப்படி சமாளிப்பது? | Sadhguru Tamil - YouTube

==> marriage love expectation fight manage 0 sadhguru 2019 for-s

2)Oridinary to Extraordinary | Sadhguru nice speech - YouTube

==> sadhguru ordinary extra 2019 extraordinary boundless limitless

3)A thread written by @ali01

==> habit engineering benjamin franklin 0 thread twitter benjaminfranklin

4)Chemical Cuisine: 7 Food additives that are legal in the US but banned in other countries

==> chemical cuisine food additives 7 seven legal us banned ban europe mmm 2019

5)People Who Like To Be Alone Have These 12 Special Personality Traits - YouTube

==> time loner alone 0

6)Sadhguru Answers Why 1000 of People Come To Him | Mystics of India #MOI - YouTube

==> sadhguru tool 0


==> add adding subtract subtracting

8)Kunal Sarkar on Twitter: "*Comfort zone* The goal is not to get out of your comfort zone, the goal is to increase the radius of your comfort zone."

==> comfort zone

9)Nature is Amazing ☘️ on Twitter: "train ride through magical winter wonderland… "

==> train magic magical winter wonderland ride

10)பச்சை கற்பூரத்தை இங்கே எல்லாம் வைங்க பிறகு நடப்பதை பாருங்க | பணத்தை ஈர்க்கும் பச்சை கற்பூரம் - Yo

==> green camphor

11)Parenting : How to Raise a Child || Being a Parent || Raising Kids || Sadhguru || Adiyogi - YouTube

==> how to raise child parenting sadhguru 2019

12)为生活添一抹淡雅绿意,用砍下的竹子制些物件儿——竹沙发 - YouTube

==> bamboo scratch

13)சக்கரை நோய்க்கு சூப்பர் மருந்து கருட சித்தர்/diabetes/garuda siddhar/kayakalpam TV - YouTube

==> sugar health diabetes

14)Forget New Year’s Resolutions and Conduct a ‘Past Year Review’ Instead | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

==> tim.blog tim ferriss timferriss nyr 2019 2018

15)That time Steve Jobs hired a career juggler to teach programming to developers - Cake

==> steve jobs stevejobs story pixar apple next career job hr hiring culture

16)The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting - The New York Times

==> parenting moden relentlessness

17)Archbishop of Canterbury 🌟 on Twitter: "Looking back at highlights from this year, Bishop Michael Curry preaching the revolutionary love of Jesus Christ to about one sixth of the world’s population is hard to beat. https://t.co/nSjjUUAhG2"

==> love 0

18)CreativeMornings on Twitter: "It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work, a conversation with @jasonfried and @chasejarvis via @CreativeLive https://t.co/RlaCdkUvBW"

==> chasejarvis crazy work jasonfried jason fried interview 2018 2019

19)kubernetes/pv_controller.go at ec2e767e59395376fa191d7c56a74f53936b7653 · kubernetes/kubernetes · GitHub

==> space shuttle flying programming 0 style 2018 2019

20)The Now Habit [2uo]

==> now habit neil fiore neilfiore procrastination


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